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About Us

Incorporated in 1990, Unique is a respected redistribution & installation company of total facility maintenance equipment and furnishings throughout the southeast.  With projects and work throughout this region and occasional work in other areas of the country, our clients include Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Veterans Administration, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Parsons, Shaw Areva MOX Services, HCA Trident Medical Center, Pattillo Construction Corporation, Durham School Services, State Farm Insurance, Economic Opportunity Authority, Dekalb County School System, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Delta Education Corporation and numerous other school systems, health care systems, local municipalities, state government agencies, colleges and universities.

Unique has aligned itself with proven companies that provide excellence in Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). We are continually encouraged by the efforts of our partners that focus not only on efficiencies that save natural resources but also set a new standard for human and environmental health concerns. We are proud to work along with LEED accredited professionals who share our common concerns.

Unique is also proud of its strong relationships with manufacturers of paper and chemical products that support the reduction of waste, promote product reuse and achieve an EPA stamped compliant recycled approval. We will continue to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products that help to sustain and preserve our environment.

Unique wants to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with your organization today.  We help you build buildings, stock them with supplies/equipment and replenish your inventory/supply when it is depleted. How can Unique help you build, stock and replenish today?